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Summaery 2023

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buw weimar

Every year, Bauhaus University Weimar hosts Summaery, a week-long annual exhibition, showcasing ingenious projects and ideas developed by its students throughout the academic year. As a newcomer to the university, Summaery 2023 was my first experience of this remarkable event, and it certainly didn’t disappoint me.

Here in the faculty of Media, we started it with an open lab night. The theme of the open lab night was “Bytes, Beer, and Sausages - Open Labs at the Faculty of Media” a playful nod to the intersection of technology, socializing, and culinary delights. The atmosphere was electric as students, professors, and visitors gathered to explore the fascinating world of innovation and creativity that Bauhaus University Weimar is known for.

Our professorship presented two standout projects: Machine Learning Models on Microcontrollers (MLOM) and Software Engineering for Trusted Automotive Vehicles (SETAV). Alongside these projects were some interesting course projects from the Software Engineering course.

Prototype of the MLOM project

I have been supervising the SETAV project for the last two semesters. In this semester, the students in this group developed a software platform using a diverse range of components, including Lego Mindstorms EV3, Raspberry Pi, Rplidar, Pi Cam and IMU sensor. The platform operates on the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) and is distributed across three platforms with varying computational power. The scope of their project was vast, involving path planning and navigation with Hector’s SLAM, utilizing the A* algorithm, and incorporating object detection and distance estimation through computer vision.

As I reflect on my first Summaery experience, I can’t help but appreciate the perfect blend of technology, culture, and camaraderie that this annual exhibition offers, making it a truly unique and enriching event.

For more information about Summaery 2023, including a comprehensive list of all projects featured at the event, visit the university’s official event website.


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